The Birth of the Game of Transformation

A Modern I Ching In this blog, Joy Drake, the originator of the Game of Transformation, shares how she gave birth ...
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Angel of October 2022

Trust Move from a place of knowing within you rather than as a result of adaptation to outer experience. Let ...
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Angel of September 2022

Synthesis   Act with a win-win attitude. Use your creativity and sensitivity to blend all the diverse parts into a unified ...
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Angel of August 2022

Simplicity Simply be yourself. Look past the fanfare and drama to what is enduring. Take time to clarify what is ...
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Angel of July 2022

Willingness Approach life with an open mind and a how-can-we-make-it-work attitude. Use your will skillfully to enhance the creative process ratherthan ...
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Angel of June 2022

Play Maximize every moment of aliveness. Experience pleasurable involvement in all your activities and enjoy what you are doing. Have Fun! Play ...
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Angel of May 2022

Clarity Clear your perceptions free of confusion. Focus on intent and straightforward expression. See the world as it is without ...
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Angel of Grace

Angel of April 2022

Grace Poise and elegance in form, attitude, and action. Give up struggle and allow the universe to participate in the ...
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The Game of Transformation by Joy Drake

Joy Drake, the originator of the Game of Transformation explains about the Game. ⁘ Create a miracle in your life⁘ ...
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Angel of March 2022

Discernment   Use your sharp-sightedness to make clear distinctions and wise choices. Move forward with confidence in your inner compass ...
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