— How it works and its history

About the Transformation Game

Born at the Findhorn Foundation over 45 years ago as a way of representing the community’s evolving approach to life, the Game is one of the most creative impulses to emerge from the Foundation.

Today, players and trained facilitators engage with different versions of the Game of Transformation in over 40 countries around the world and the box version has been translated into nine different languages.

As a tool of consciousness, the Game is simple, powerful and effective. It can help you move between whatever comfortable barriers you may have erected between your imagined and your true self. It can highlight aspects of yourself that you may previously been reluctant to face – it can also affirm hidden strengths and talents and lead you to an understanding of how best to put them to use.

The Game is about

  • Resolving major issues in your life
  • Discovering your inner knowing and path of service
  • Clarifying your spiritual purpose in life and your relationship with God
  • Receiving insight, loving support and clear feedback on the use of your intuition and free will

Experiencing deep inner healing, group consciousness and grace in action.

The Game is an opportunity to experience and express your deepest self in the loving atmosphere of a small group. It gives you what you ask for; it reflects, encourages, counsels, heals and transforms. The purpose of the Game is to bring greater wholeness to you, your relationships and your environment. It assists you to look at your life as a learning experience and at change as a gift of grace. It challenges you to transform pain creatively and to take more active responsibility for creating your life.

What people have said about the Game

Through playing The Game I have experienced a quantum jump on all levels of my life . . . The Game has added a depth, a richness, a perspective to my life that I appreciate more than I can express
The Game put the pain and difficulty that I was experiencing into the perspective of the unfolding destiny of my life. Suddenly they were in right relationship within the context of the love and wisdom of my soul-infilled self.

History of the Transformation Game

The Beginning

Concept of the Game was conceived by Joy Drake in 1976 at the Findhorn Foundation. It took her 18 months to make the parts for the first prototype.

The games reflected the essence of the Findhorn experience in a form that did not necessitate travelling to Scotland and staying there for years before some kind of awakening occurred.

The first ‘public’ version of the game, the Planetary Game was played in the Cluny Hill ballroom of the Findhorn Foundation in June 1978, as part of the Art of Synthesis workshop. 20 Players and 4 Guides.

In October 1978, Kathy Tyler joined the team. She helped to shape the game into a sophisticated structure that could be operated with ease and balance. Kathy and Joy started to train others to work with their higher intelligence and the Game Deva. They started training Game Guides.

The game continued to evolve. It was highly magnetic. Tons of people contributed their time and skills. Several spin-offs or imitations have emerged over the years.

The Products

The Angel Cards launched in 1981. Over 1.3 million sold to date. 

Blessing Cards first printed in 1982. 210 individual blessings in each box.

In 1985 Joy and Kathy relocate to Seattle. Starting from scratch again to re-birth the game in a new form. They incorporated as InnerLinks, Inc. USA.


On Sept 20 1987 Transformation Game launched! “The Game in a box that can change your life”

Various versions of the Game

The Planetary Game is a large-scale version of the Game of Transformation. 

The Planetary Game involves up to 100 participants in five playing areas. It is focused around a life-size game layout on the floor and has been described as a form of sacred theatre. 

The Planetary Game…

  • provides an exciting, multi-dimensional opportunity to work creatively together to bring insight, healing and direction to areas of both collective and personal concern
  • amplifies both personal and collective issues, engaging our hopes and dreams for a positive future, highlighting strengths and resources, and pointing to new directions
  • reflects current limiting patterns and their underlying causal dynamics, giving us the opportunity to reshape them
  • allows us to connect with and honour our individual paths and contribution within the larger whole, while also engaging with collective issues and challenges in today’s world

Each time the Planetary Game is played, a purpose is created to give focus to the process. 

To start the game, each participant chooses one of the Playing Areas, then formulates an intention that is personally meaningful, and selects a role to play: Player, Insight, Setback, Angel or Witness. Each Playing Area represents a key area of engagement. Collectively, we will deepen into each of them and learn from their interplay.

Play then commences and costumed participants representing the Playing Areas use a game die, free will or intuition to move along the path on the floor. Different squares present opportunities for interaction, growth, breakthroughs, recognition of shared strengths and challenges, and learning from one another’s work.

Although there is personal growth, insight and healing, the Planetary Game is played at far more than just the personal level. Its effectiveness depends on our capacity to recognise ourselves in one another, to see the world within ourselves and ourselves within the world, and to respond accordingly. It requires us to take responsibility for being co-creative participants in the wellbeing of a wholeness larger than just our own.


One-day Group Version

This special version of the Transformation Game uses an expanded format of the Game to provide a unique collaborative learning process.

Working around one path, participants will together explore what is required to identify and implement steps they wish to take in relation to the purpose they created for our collective group learning.

The Game can help us clarify visions and intentions, recognize and build on strengths, review and resolve challenges, and integrate new directions. It operates as a diagnostic tool and creates an environment within which we can make real-time shifts in energy, perception, attitudes and behavior.

You should expect to share on a personal level, from your own experience – this is what brings the Game alive. Different levels of engagement are possible – from sharing with the whole group, to working interactively in pairs, to individual inner work.

On each move of the Game, a different Player will come forward to play for the group and focus the experience that the rest of the participants will then explore in a variety of ways. Moving along the path brings opportunities to receive insights, face and identify challenges and blockages, share appreciations and truthful feedback, experience miracles and transformation, go through periods of depression and isolation, give and receive service, and exercise creativity. Other potential experiences include connecting with angels (qualities), exercising free will, checking and acting on intuition, finding new ways and resources to deal with difficulties and setbacks, exploring how to reduce stress, and sharing awareness with one another and with the earth.

The goal of the Game is for everyone to fulfill the Playing Purpose

Everyone will have a possibility to be a Player for one turn of the Game. The first Player will start in the Source. He or she will move with the roll of a die, and when they land on an Angel square, will move onto a Game Life Path. Once on the Path, the players will move the group through different levels of experience – Physical (red), Emotional (orange), Mental (yellow) and Spiritual (purple).

As they move along the Path, the group will discover with issues, challenges and opportunities relevant to our collective Playing Purpose.

This version is the wise elder of the box game. If you have played the Transformation box game, this workshop is an opportunity to allow even more finely tuned inspirational energies to penetrate your life.


In response to your intent, the Game of Transformation will reflect your life with uncanny accuracy and allow you to reach the deepest levels of your being to receive healing, inspiration, and direction. As you move along a life path exploring your playing intention on seven levels of experience – physical, emotional, mental, intuitive, love, unity, and enlightenment – you gain wider perspectives on your particular patterns and attitudes, recognize strengths, review and resolve challenges, and uncover and embrace new possibilities.


The path you will tread is unknown until you step forth. You may receive insights, experience synergy, the grace of miracles, and the wonder of initiations, or go through periods of darkness and isolation as you re-evaluate and update your beliefs around pain, crises, growth and change. Many of the squares and cards require you to exercise initiative and intuition, make your own choices and decisions, and immediately see the impact on yourself and others. You can strengthen your connections with your spiritual roots, catalyze inner resources, and activate constructive changes.


The combination of the radiant nature of the original Game of Transformation, along with only five players, two skilled guides and many angelic helpers, coupled with the interactions of a group of players determined to make a major shift in their lives creates a potent transformative field of purpose and presence that accelerates self-discovery and healing for everyone. This workshop is a powerful springboard for spiritual growth and development that is valuable at any stage of one’s life’s journey.


Are you new to the Game, a seasoned player, an Accredited Facilitator, a Life Coach?
We invite you all to come and play the original Game of Transformation with us at it’s birthplace the Findhorn Foundation. Let it help you be who you want to be and do what you want to do. Come and open fully to the gifts of grace, benefit from our knowledge, and expertise with the Game, and receive extraordinary spiritual support.

The Transformation Game is a powerful interactive tool that provides a way of understanding and gracefully transforming the way you play your life. It looks at the kind of experiences you create, how you react to them and how you can change your responses to realize your highest potential and achieve your goals.

As you play the Game you become more aware both of your personal strengths and of the limitations you place on yourself. The Game offers a stimulating, safe, supportive group setting in which openness, cooperation and sharing are encouraged.

It mirrors your life with accuracy, offering clear feedback and precise insights that can help you:

  • Clarify important personal issues/li>
  • Understand patterns of stress and change nonproductive habits
  • Overcome depression and anxiety
  • Uncover, explore and allow new possibilities in your life
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts
  • Handle transitions – health, career, marriage or relationship changes
  • Incorporate increased relaxation and peace of mind in everyday life
  • Remove blocks to spontaneity, success and fulfillment
  • Transform fears and challenges with fresh insight and awareness of your own
  • Gain immediate direction on your next steps

By providing new perspectives on current life issues, the Transformation Game helps you to clarify and release outdated beliefs and attitudes and transform negative patterns. The Game triggers your creativity and lets you realize your full power and potential.

How to play the Game

A short and powerful tool that  stemmed from the Game, using Insight, Setback and Angel cards only. 

  1. First you set your intention
  2. Take a Keynote Insight that points your strength and the direction you would take in relation to your purpose. 
  3. Take a Setback that shows behaviours, beliefs, and/or patterns that stand in your way.
  4. Take a Resouce Insight that you can apply to clear the Setback.
  5. Finally take an Angel card that illuminate a quality that can be used to realise your goal. Or it might be the quality that you benefit from comtemplating, learning, and practicing. 
You can either use cards from the Box Game or Intuitive Solutions.

An intuitive tool for inspired decision-making. The Frameworks Coaching Process (FCP) is a unique coaching tool that provides a simple method for creatively exploring challenging or innovative situations in the workplace. It consists of three decks of cards designed to pinpoint key factors and resources impacting any issue. Clients choose cards with a clearly framed intent and the FCP rapidly identifies the underlying dynamics, stimulates their intuitive capabilities, and catalyzes creative solutions. Clients gain immediate insight, make decisions in harmony with their values and integrity, and develop an action plan that they can implement to improve their effectiveness, productivity, and satisfaction. You can use the Frameworks Coaching Process to help your clients:

  • Examine beliefs and identify values
  • Learn how to apply intuition to the decision process
  • Discover new strategies to solve persistent problems
  • Generate creative individual and group solutions
  • Realize the benefits of personal accountability
  • Visualize and mitigate potential barriers
  • Align individual and group values
  • Improve team communications and collaboration
  • Build on individual and organizational strengths and values
  • Manage difficult changes and challenges
  • Learn ways to sustain individual and organizational performance improvement
  • Accelerate the creative process for bringing ideas to market
  • Shorten the cycle for generating new streams of revenue

InnerLinks Associates offers a training in the use of the FCP for coaches, consultants, trainers, leaders and professionals who want to expand their facilitation, tools, and skills using this model. The training covers step-by-step instructions for using the FCP with clients and explores a variety of applications.

Thanks to modern-day technologies, these events can bring people together from all over the world without increasing CO2 emissions. You can play the Game from the comfort of your living room.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we had to take a sudden turn in ways to offer the Transformation Game. It didn’t take much time for us to realize the Game works really well on online platforms.
Our first online event was a Next Step Process with 120 participants from all corners of the globe on Zoom and several hundred people via Facebook live streaming.
We run a couple of 5-day online Global Games where a Game Path was laid on the floor and a designated player connected energetically with a focus Player each turn.
Our Facilitators Training has also moved online. Some trainings are online throughout and some are hybrid.
We keep receiving comments that people felt a deep connection and coherence even through the internet. 
A two-week English residential facilitators training run twice a year at Findhorn

Receive constructive feedback and support, and an ongoing assessment of your competence

Successfully complete the training and become an accredited InnerLinks Transformation Game® Facilitator, enabling you to run Game workshops professionally

Would you like to offer Transformation Game workshops professionally? Or to take your Game experience with friends and colleagues to a deeper level? If you are familiar with the Transformation Game and would like to expand your work and relationship with it, this training will give you that opportunity.

This professional course is an exciting opportunity to interact more deeply with the Transformation box Game. It gives you a thorough training in the use of the advanced rules in the Facilitators Manual, which includes expanded options for most of the squares. You have many opportunities to practice and watch facilitation in small supervised sessions. These sessions provide you with constructive personal feedback and support, and an ongoing assessment of competence. Besides the playing sessions, there are a number of sessions during the training on unique transformation game related topics.

Throughout the training, you will also have plenty of opportunities to play the Transformation Game. The intensive exposure to the Game, both as a facilitator and a player, means you can expect to be learning and integrating facilitation skills as well as engaging in your own personal transformation process.

People who successfully complete the training will be accredited by InnerLinks as Transformation Game Facilitators. Accredited facilitators will have the permission of InnerLinks to use the advanced Facilitators Manual, as well as to offer and promote workshops using the Transformation Game name and logo. These are trademarked and copyrighted and only facilitators accredited by InnerLinks have the legal right to use them professionally.