The Game of Transformation by Joy Drake

Joy Drake, the originator of the Game of Transformation explains about the Game.

⁘ Create a miracle in your life
⁘ Give space to your intuition
⁘ Experience your essential qualities
⁘ Dare to use your free will
⁘ Become aware of your pain and let it go
⁘ Learn from your obstacles
⁘ Let your heart speak
⁘ Break through your limitations
⁘ Deepen your insight
⁘ Experience the value of giving
⁘ Appreciate others and yourself

As a tool of consciousness, the Game is simple, powerful and effective. It can help you move between whatever comfortable barriers you may have erected between your imagined and your true self. It can highlight aspects of yourself that you may previously been reluctant to face – it can also affirm hidden strengths and talents and lead you to an understanding of how best to put them to use.

The Game is about

⁘ Resolving major issues in your life
⁘ Discovering your inner knowing and path of service
⁘ Clarifying your spiritual purpose in life and your relationship with God
⁘ Receiving insight, loving support and clear feedback on the use of your intuition and free will
⁘ Experiencing deep inner healing, group consciousness and grace in action.

The Game is an opportunity to experience and express your deepest self in the loving atmosphere of a small group. It gives you what you ask for; it reflects, encourages, counsels, heals and transforms. The purpose of the Game is to bring greater wholeness to you, your relationships and your environment. It assists you to look at your life as a learning experience and at change as a gift of grace. It challenges you to transform pain creatively and to take more active responsibility for creating your life.

What people have said about the Game of Transformation workshop:

‘Through playing The Game I have experienced a quantum jump on all levels of my life . . . The Game has added a depth, a richness, a perspective to my life that I appreciate more than I can express.’

‘The Game gave me the opportunity to grow six months in the space of one weekend. An excellent reflection of my level of involvement with life, my intentions and belief systems, and the wonderful inter-relationships in the experience of life.’

‘The Game put the pain and difficulty that I was experiencing into the perspective of the unfolding destiny of my life. Suddenly they were in right relationship within the context of the love and wisdom of my soul-infilled self.’

‘The most powerful experience in getting to know myself. Playing the Game of Transformation has given me faith in myself and in the divine plan. . a realization of what I am, why I am and what I can do. A blessing.’

‘I found the Game to be a true mirror for myself and the other players, giving great insight into life and allowing us to make decisions from a platform of truth, trust, and love. I shall be playing again.’

‘Totally magical – I enter the unknown and not only is it safe, it’s joyful, expansive, synergistic and amazingly blessed with the fullness of God’s grace.’

‘The Game enables those who play to come to terms with who they are at present and who they are potentially, and offers them a method of transforming themselves continually.’

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