Transformation Game Findhorn Privacy Policy for the Game participants

Transformation Game Findhorn is committed to protecting and respecting your personal data.

This policy is designed specifically for participants in the Transformation Game that is organised and delivered by Transformation Game Findhorn. Please note that there are other sets of policies for the Game of Transformation workshop and the Transformation Game Facilitators Training. This policy sets out the basis on which any personal data Transformation Game Findhorn collects from you, or that you provide to Transformation Game Findhorn, will be processed by Transformation Game Findhorn.


When you write to us enquiring about a programme or product:

* Your name and email address; possibly also your address, phone number, and gender.

We use this information to communicate with you about your enquiry or application. This information is stored during any enquiry or application process. If you decide against taking a particular programme but ask or agree to be kept informed of future programmes, we keep this information in order to contact you with news of those future programmes. When we contact you, we ask if you wish us to continue to keep you informed of future programmes, or to take you off our lists.


When you book a programme that is held in conjunction with InnerLinks:

* Your name, email address; possibly also your address, phone number, nationality, date of birth, and gender.

* Personal information in a specialized application form.

* Agreements

This information is stored in a secure place and is used by the InnerLinks staff, workshop facilitators or trainers to fulfill our contractual obligations and our duty of care responsibilities.

It is also processed and stored by InnerLinks, in conjunction with whom Transformation Game Findhorn runs some of our programmes at Findhorn. For links to the Privacy Policy of the InnerLinks, see the end of this document.


When you arrive and register for a workshop or training:
* Your name, address, phone number, email address, and nationality.

* Personal data will be kept no longer than is necessary. This means that the data will be destroyed or erased from our systems when it is no longer required. Application forms with personal information that you complete in order to be accepted for a workshop or training will be securely deleted or destroyed at the end of the workshop or training.




Transformation Game workshops:

The contact details (address, phone number and email address) that you give us when you register for the Transformation Game workshop, or that you update with us afterwards.

We will not give your personal data to third parties.

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Transformation Game Findhorn is responsible for the processing and storage of your data. For any questions or complaints, contact You also have the right of appeal to the Information Commissioner’s Office at

Some of our programmes are run in conjunction with InnerLinks. Some of your data is therefore processed also by the InnerLInks.