Angel of September 2022


Act with a win-win attitude. Use your creativity and sensitivity to blend all the diverse parts into a unified whole.

We inter-face with the world in numerous ways; as a partner, a family member, child, parent, pet pal, neighbor, customer, and community member both culturally and nationally to name a few. Who is the ‘one’ that is behind the many faces — who is the ‘one’ inner-face?


The world we live in does not always appear to support the experience of essence living and this creates pressure. To protect our core expression we build defenses. The tension is felt as a suffering that closes our hearts, contracts our spirit, and limits our creativity.

A state of synthesis is a seamless presence. There is no gap; no space that gets filled in with misconceptions of who others or we think we are. It is from this one presence that we can reach out in our many expressions. It is in this blending all the diverse parts that returns us to the unified whole that existed before the perception of separation.

So, what is the practice this month? Lets call it ‘apexing’ – going to the highest midpoint and holding the apparent paradoxes of life and duality. And interestingly, it is not a point of non-duality, it is the point of Synthesis.

Open to letting the truth you hold be replaced by a greater Truth. Synthesis allows a larger awareness of the whole to blend and fuse.


We hope the Angels continue to inspire your life.
May your inner-face shine through every experience.



Kathy Tyler

P.S. If you worked with the Angel of Simplicity during August, take a few moments to release it with your gratitude then welcome the Angel of Synthesis into your life for the month of September. 

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